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As startups and mid-sized businesses are looking for providers of software development services and cloud computing features, there is a huge demand for managed IT services. 

Outsourcing IT services is much more economical than recruiting your team of IT professionals, as you get instant access to expert cloud computing skills, advanced cloud services, and technology solutions.

UniqueTrade’s consulting experience covers AWS, GCP, Azure cloud platforms, configuring Terraform manifests and deploying Kubernetes clusters to run Docker containers with your applications. We develop, implement and provide load balancing, auto-scaling groups, logging and monitoring of cloud infrastructure.

Initially, our company was a provider of remote network administration services. As the team’s experience grew, we began to provide various outsourcing services. From web development and software testing (QA), we moved on to IT consulting, DevOps services and the creation of solutions based on big data (Big Data)

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The most popular smartphones and phones, tablets, and ultrabooks, as well as large and small appliances, personal computers, audio, video, and photography.


IT & Marketing Services

The goal of our company is to provide high-quality software development and marketing services to our clients. We offer the most suitable technologies, quick response time, and low-cost solutions for a mutually profitable experience.