Internet hosting and server rental

If you are going to do business on the Internet, then you need to create your website. One of the important tasks, in this case, will be the purchase of hosting. You can buy hosting using the services of our company.

Hosting means the service of providing the user with space on the server in the network. You get a resource for posting information and several other functions. The package includes various services, which affects the price. The tariff package includes everything you need to maintain the site. These are the placement of files, databases, places for mail correspondence, DNS, various applications, and plugins. These functions can be provided in a complex or selectively – depending on the client’s requests.

Hosting sites from our company offers many tariff plans. You can find out more about them and how much a specific service costs in the table below or by phone.

We offer our clients professional website hosting for projects of various types of complexity – blogs, online stores, image pages, etc. And we guarantee stable work with high connection speeds.

Tariff packages are selected so that the price and quality meet the needs of everyone. Convenient and multifunctional hosting control panels are understandable not only for experienced developers but also for those who do not have such a deep knowledge of programming.

Also, our experts will help you register a domain, which is also an important step in creating a website. Do you already have hosting and a domain name on another server, but something does not suit you? We will help you transfer your web resource to another site.