Branding products

Branding is not just creating a brand, it is also the development of events designed to create a positive image of the product, to form the loyalty and preferences of consumers for the product.

Branding creates a specific myth for a product using:

  • artistic, graphic elements and combination of colors when creating a trademark and its name;
  • words and sounds in slogans and advertising actions;
  • branded memorable characters;
  • branded products – various POS materials and items on which a corporate logo can be applied.

Mythologization of the brand serves to influence the psyche: rationality when purchasing a product (service) fades into the background, actions are performed under the influence of emotions awakened by the subconscious.

When the activity operates in terms of psychology, professionalism comes first. Branding should not be spontaneous and purely speculative, it is a scientifically based, carefully verified, and controlled process for creating multidirectional events. To entrust the creation of a brand to an unknown company or a person whose activities lie in completely different areas – to receive at the exit another unrecognizable product, wasted paid for.

Modern branding is impossible without marketing activities designed in strict accordance with the brand promotion or maintenance plan. These include product branding – a set of works that create an attractive image of the manufacturer or his products.

The main method of branding is the application of corporate identity, trademark, logo, slogan on all sorts of attributes, which immediately becomes an advertising medium. The more often a potential buyer (visitor) sees the brand, the more successful the sales will be: the perception of a familiar image works on a subconscious level, confidently pushing for constant appeal.

Only professionals can create a branded gift out of souvenirs!

The range of souvenirs is huge. We offer the development of branded souvenirs depending on the purpose:

Business souvenirs

Together with our customers, we will create gifts for VIP partners, colleagues, sponsors, or for special occasions. The company logo will unobtrusively remind of the company, located on various premium souvenirs:

  • business card holders;
  • wallets;
  • business portfolios;
  • umbrellas;
  • collectible souvenirs;
  • Gift Baskets.

As “ordinary” souvenirs for all clients you can use:

  1. pens;
  2. flash drives;
  3. key rings;
  4. planin;
  5. diaries;
  6. folders (paper and plastic);
  7. envelopes;
  8. calendars (wall and desktop);
  9. paper blocks (cubes).

Branded pens make you not forget about the company, remind you constantly: a stylish pen with a trademark (with the name of the company) is needed by an office worker, a sales representative, and a store director. Very often, a simple call to the phone number listed on the handle establishes the contact creating the ticket. Therefore, many large manufacturers order branded pens based on ordinary plastic ones and use famous brands of pens. Depending on the purpose of branding, we offer different options for applying a logo from an economy option to laser engraving.

The name and slogan of the company printed on a flash drive or car keychain is another way to create a unique and inimitable image of a company with which it is pleasant to work. Such an unusual gift can be given both at presentations and business receptions.

Corporate planning, executed on excellent paper, provided with columns for entries, will remind of the company all year round.

A small cube, almost invisible on the table, is always in place when you need to write down an urgent message or leave a reminder. It is very important in this case that a brand line is added to a minimum of information!

A plastic or cardboard folder for storing operational documents should always be at hand. Opening it again, the partner will be happy to remember the moment when he received not just a souvenir, but a convenient and necessary thing.

Branded souvenirs for promotions

During tastings, presentations, mass meetings, when sales representatives visit potential customers, you need inexpensive but memorable souvenirs: magnets, pens, key rings, notebooks, calendars, themed toys, glasses, mugs.

Together with the client, we will create an exclusive gift for any purpose and with any value. Its prestige will be determined by the way the logo is applied: from one-color printing to laser engraving.

A corporate business card is a key to brand success

Business ethics provides for the exchange of business cards. Business card design is the style of the company, its presentability, and its sustainability. Only professionals can combine these characteristics, those who are guided in their work not so much by the special knowledge of a designer as by an understanding of business etiquette, business style, and psychology of relationships.

We create customized business cards with brand identity and special printing for top managers.